Building a software application proves to be complex, its time consuming and (in most cases) exhausting!  With a good framework, you can develop your projections quickly.  To help you out, we are providing you the top 5 PHP frameworks to choose from.


Laravel is an expressive and convenient web application PHP framework. It helps the user by making their work easier by routing, authenticating and caching. Laravel provides accessible power tools required to build robust applications.  With its inversion control container and expressive migration system, this framework can be used for enterprise level applications.

Laravel helps to manage your third party applications as it works with MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, and Postgres.

2) Cake PHP

Cake PHP helps for fast web applications build. This framework uses code generation features to help users build prototypes. Cake PHP has no complication in configuration; it just needs a database to set up. It is capable of translations, caching, authentication and much more. The Cake PHP features clean MVC that help you to develop your application better. The Cake PHP handles every aspect of your application development from your initial request to the final rendering.

It does so by providing you the basic and organizational structure that consists of database table names and filenames. These features help you to keep your application consistent and logical.


This is another PHP framework which is used as a C extension to control the resource consumption at the high-level performance. With this PHP frameworkthere is no need to learn the C language. The functionality is exposed to this framework as PHP classes.

If you want, you can also just use a few specific parts of it.  You can use Zend Framework 2 to improves overall performance while it saves the processor time.


CodeIgniter (as the name suggests) is a powerful framework that leaves only a small footprint. This framework has been designed for people who are looking for a simple yet elegant toolkit to build complex featuring web applications. This framework has no special requirements. Moreover, this PHP framework has a diverse set of libraries while featuring an easy to use interface. If users want, they can update additional libraries in this framework as well.

CodeIgniter uses an MVC controller approach that provides great separation of logic and presentation. This framework is best recommended for projects using template files.


Zend Framework 2 is an open source PHP frameworkwhich is used to develop web applications. This framework uses object-oriented codes. The components in its standard library are powerful. With Zend, users can implement client libraries in order to access web services.

Because Zend is a collection of classes, users can simply load their components and start developing.

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