Mobiles have reshaped the world since their introduction. They have changed the way we interact, chat and almost everything else.  In simple words, these little devices are more like our world in our pocket! Following are some statistics based on research about mobile usage and how it will change in time.


About half of smartphone users decid they will uninstall or not install unnecessary apps for the sake of protecting personal information. About 1 out of 5 mobile owners turn off their location tracking feature and clear their cell phone history every month.

  • Send and receive messages
  • Send and receive emails
  • Access internet
  • Check in and share location
  • Video call and chat
  • Music
  • Privacy Concerns


About 9% adults text a charitable donation from a cell phone, the mobile donations have played an important role in the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. According to a report, the donations contributed were nearly $43 million. Haiti Earthquake is believed to be the first event receiving such a big amount of Mobile donations. About 75% donors said this was the first time they used their mobile phones to make a donation.


It was surprisingly found that almost 86% of smartphone owners have performed at least one of the following activities every month:

  • Coordinating a Meeting or a Get Together
  • Solving a problem they have encountered
  • Help them deciding when they want to visit a restaurant
  • Looking for the score of an ongoing sports event
  • Getting help in an emergency event

More than 60% mobile users have encountered their calls being occasionally dropped while 50% users received unwanted sales and marketing calls. Around 70% cell phone users receive unwanted and spam messages yearly while 20% users face this problem every week. When it comes to internet on mobile, only 45% users go online to browse the net, exchange email, and download apps. They experience slow internet speed with slow downloads that prevent things to load.

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